Zibetti, Machines for Marble, Granite and Stone since 1987

When cutting is a mission

Our family business was founded in 1987 by Giuseppe and Nadia Zibetti and we deal with the sale of new, used and reconditioned machinery and equipment for processing marble, granite and stone. Thanks to the experience gained by Giuseppe and Nadia, today the tradition continues with their children, Paolo and Elisabetta. Together with Katy, we form a team ready to provide solutions and answers, aimed at satisfying the requests of all marble workers, both for the sale and for the collection of new and used marble machines. Our website aims to help you choose a new or used machine, providing the best offers available and different options to help you in your choice. For new machines, we have been collaborating for years with the best manufacturers in the market (Gmm, Elephant, Pavoni, Bavelloni…)., and for used machines, on our site you can find a suitable option for your every need. Choose your preferred machine, send us a request and you will receive our best offer

Zibetti Team

A team of professionals at your service

Giuseppe Zibetti

Founder but above all commercial with a truly unique experience that ranges from diamond tools to machinery and consultancy. Popular video maker for creating all videos on our YouTube channel.

Nadia Zibetti

Co-founder and administrative manager.

Paolo Zibetti

Commercial and sales and purchasing manager of the new and used machinery section.

Elisabetta Zibetti

Back office commercial management of offers, orders and customer and supplier deliveries. Always ready to listen to customers' needs, patient with everyone and the spearhead of our business.

Katy Mapelli

Since 2022 she has joined our team taking care of and enhancing the entire web and social media side, continuously updating our website with all new and used products and enriching it with information, photos and videos.


The best solution at the right price!

We take care of the purchase and sale of machinery dedicated to marble processing and we are able to provide a 360 ° service to take care of our customers in the best possible way.

As It Is

The machinery will be disassembled by a specialized technician, prepared and loaded on the truck or container in the conditions in which it is found.

Working Condition

The machine will be disassembled by a specialized technician, cleaned, connected and tested so as to be able to verify its correct functioning and will be loaded on a truck or container.

Refurbished ad Tested

The machinery will be disassembled by a specialized technician, cleaned, repainted, the worn or broken electrical and mechanical parts will be replaced or repaired, followed by pre-tests before being loaded onto trucks or containers.

Are you considering the replacement of your old machinery?


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